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About handling of personal information

HAKOZAKI GARDEN (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) complies with laws and regulations and other norms about personal information and tries all possible measures to protect important personal information of guests.

・Basic policy
Personal information is important property of individual. We protect guests’ information and prove worthy of guests' trust by complying with laws and regulations and other norms about personal information protection and handling personal information safely and reliably

・Purpose of compliance and program about personal information
(1)When we collect and use personal information, we define the provisions of using personal information as standard.
(2)We define code of conduct and Specific rules not to have unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

・Organization activities
We conduct activities as following to embody this policy.
(1)We try to keep all employees understand this policy thoroughly and comply with laws and regulations and other norms about personal information.
(2)In order to store personal information strictly, we establish management system and develop information security policy then implement regular employee training and audit about personal information protection.
(3)We request cooperation for the achievement of specified purpose for companies and individuals with business transaction.
(4)This policy can be read at any time by putting this policy on service site of our company, internet and homepage of our company.
(5)We review and improve compliance and program in a timely manner.

・Handling of personal information
(1)Purpose of use
When guests apply for accommodation, HAKOZAKI GARDEN will use collected personal information in arrangement operation of accommodation and communication with guests then use personal information for transmission of various types of information for development of better products and improvement of service.
(2)Restriction of provision to a third party
The collected personal information can be shared in HAKOZAKI GARDEN to achieve the purpose of use and can’t be provided to the third party excluding the case when we outsource the handling to suppliers in necessary range or there are special provisions in laws and regulations.
(3)Strict and proper management
We make efforts to take necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information from the outside, danger including loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information and manage personal information in safe and appropriate way.

-Inquiries regarding personal information-
〒812-0053 1-26-17 Hakozaki,higashi-ku,Fukuoka-shi
TEL: 090-8353-3920
Personal information manager:Yoji Kimura

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