Takoyaki Experience by Sho who is professional takoyaki chef held in GUESTHOUSE HAKOZAKI GARDEN!

2people from US who’s traveling in Japan tried making takoyaki!


They were first time to make takoyaki so Sho teached and helped them!

They looked like little bit nervous!!


He is trying to turn over the takoyaki by chop sticks!!

It’s good job, He could be takoyaki chef in the future !!


He ‘s explaing what important when you make takoyaki.



They asked Sho about takoyaki source. Sho  is passionate guy espesially about takoyaki!!



We ate takoyhaki with chatting! We spent good time with takoytaki!

They said It was tasty, and I want to make takoyaki for husband!!


Do you want to stay our guesthouse??

Are you interested in Japanese experience ??


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