Hello! This is the best guesthouse in fukuoka! GUESTHOUSE HAKOZAKI GARDEN !

Today, I’m going to report the day when a British couple had fun in Japanese clothes and Sumo suit!









How adorable they are♥

Ummm,,,, wait,,, the person is wearing Sumo suit is a lady, not a man!!

Yes, as you see, the lady was keen to wear the Sumo suit!! That’s the first time for us to hear!!

So, we ask them for one more shot after he got a saumurai soard!

This is it!!

They are totally HILARIOUS!!









Supre funny! She pinched her chest!!


We offer the yukata and sumo suit experience for free for our staying guests!

Let’s enjoy yourself and take a great memorable photos at GUESTHOUSE HAKOZAKI GARDEN!!

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